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I help busy households keep a clean and clutter free home
so they can focus more on time with the family, tackling projects, and enjoying their home.

I teach small business owners how to set up business systems, do their own marketing, and make the most of their time at work so they can focus on what's most important.
I offer customized services to meet each client's needs, budget, schedule, and preferred learning style. GO HERE to schedule a free introductory call with me to kick start your progress,
either with your home or your business!

Virtual organizing

I will be there to guide you and make the whole process seem easier and more fun. We will create a consistent plan to go through your piles and boxes of clutter, paper, and personal items.  I will help you decide on your goals for how much you would like to get rid of things, how to decide what to get rid of, and figure out how to store the things you want to keep.

Then I will help you figure out the best way to store all your items in your home in a way that works for your preferred organizing style.

It really helps to have someone to chat through all of your decluttering decisions. I will be there to talk you out of keeping or buying things if that is what you need to reach your goals. You don't need to have a perfect or completely minimal home to be able to come home to your happy place!

I will also facilitate discussions between family members who have differing habits of cleaning up and dealing with clutter. There are ways to get everyone on the same page with reaching a certain goal for decluttering while still being able to keep and honor certain collections WITHOUT taking up too much space in the home.

Accountability and motivation

If you feel you often get overwhelmed, off track, have too many ideas and plans that are difficult to follow through, or you have a lack of confidence of how to organize your time efficiently, I will help you figure out a new way of thinking about it so you feel empowered to move forward and take tiny steps each day towards your big goals! 

"I used Elenas coaching services to invest in the progression of my own cleaning business and personal growth in my mindset. I have felt frustrated , under valued and stuck in the last few months and didn’t know how to proceed. She listened to my concerns with patience , wisdom , kindness and was judgement free. I felt like she was more that fair with her pricing. She offered me great advice and suggestions in the positive changes I need to make going forward. Her responses were quick and our video chat wasn’t rush. I appreciated her follow up notes of our conversation. I’m thankful I found her and will be using her wisdom to progress."


I hired Elena to do a deep clean and came home to such an amazingly organized and CLEAN space, that smelled so amazing I almost didn't recognize my home! (The essential oils she uses in cleaning smell so heavenly!)


Your Home Simplified has been amazing. So affordable and worth every cent!! (Maybe even more!)  And the online tips and  phone coaching have been lifesavers for my sanity."

"First clean with Elena last week and she absolutely blew my mind. She is so sweet and made my condo look sparkling clean. Elena is very easy to communicate with and very accomodating. The essential oils she diffuses are a beautiful touch. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a job well done!"


"Elena is simply amazing. The things she can tackle in the record amount time is unmatchable. There are not enough good things to say. Highly recommend ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

"I would recommend Your Home Simplified to anyone looking for a deep clean, organization, or just a quick cleaning, 100%!!!"


"Contacting Elena with Your Home Simplified was the best decision. I’ve used multiple cleaning services and individuals and none have cleaned with the same quality and detail as Elena. She is extremely professional, detailed and does an excellent job. It’s always the BEST when I get to come home from work after she’s been here and just enjoy my home being so fresh and clean."

Solutions for overwhelm with cleaning and clutter

Small business resources and supportive coaching for solo cleaners

Go HERE to get my affordable coaching bundle to boost your confidence and success building your solo cleaning business.