How To Use Family Meetings Instead of Nagging

It can be a huge challenge to get the other members of your family to help out...but nagging is the WORST!

1. The Intro Phase

2. The Teaching Phase

3. The Training Phase

4. The Tweaking Phase

I recommend having regular family meetings where you discuss and problem solve different tasks so there is a positive atmosphere where everyone is working together and feeling good about contributing. Everyone in the family can and should participate, regardless of their age. 

I use Jane Nelsen's framework for positive discipline for teachers and parents. I have used it successfully for many years and I highly recommend ALL of her books and teachings for any teacher or parent.

Click here for Jane Nelsen's 9 Steps For Effective Family Meetings

Do you have questions about how to use these steps in your own home? Or do you want to hire someone to help you implement the first few family meetings until you get the hang of it? Or are you struggling to get someone in your family on board and wanting a new plan? I would be happy to help! 

It's never too early or too late to start getting everyone in the family working together to wrangle all the stuff and chores.

Go HERE to email me or schedule a free call with me HERE to get started right away. 

You deserve a clean and organized home and YOU CAN DO THIS!