You Deserve A Clean And Clutter Free Home!

Or at least, a CLEAN ENOUGH and FUNCTIONAL home so you can spend more time with your family doing what you love...

The 10 Main Things Holding You Back From Having The Clean and Organized Home You Deserve:

  1. You sometimes make a daily or weekly list but you find that you have a hard time sticking to it, or even remembering to use it!

  2. Your goals aren’t realistic enough so it ends up feeling like an insurmountable amount of work! Or your goals are too big and there are so many little tasks involved to be able to complete the bigger ones…

  3. You often get interrupted, either by other people or by activities, or you allow yourself to be interrupted by a new project or other way of procrastinating

  4. Unable to figure out what to do first– it all seems overwhelming and you end up getting distracted by your phone or other tasks.

  5. It seems like you wouldn’t have enough time to get anything done, so you’re not sure how to get started. Plus, you’re too tired to take on anything that feels too time consuming or exhausting!

  6. You haven’t been getting enough sleep or you have mobility/health issues that get in the way. Or you get too busy and forget to eat/drink enough water and then end up having a meltdown or needing to stop.

  7. You’re trying to do too many things at once– you have too many projects and goals in mind so that you feel unsure how to prioritize your time.

  8. Sometimes your urgent tasks and scheduling get in the way of your bigger goals and you end up putting out fires or dealing with little problems that get in the way of getting anything “real” done. And sometimes you avoid even thinking about big picture goals because it feels more productive to play whack-a-mole as problems pop up.

  9. The whole experience and your mindset has become NEGATIVE and you keep running from it! You have begun to feel guilty or disgusted with yourself that you can’t seem to get it together. It feels better to not set any goals than to set them and keep failing! But either way, you know you’re stuck and you’re wondering why it’s so hard for you compared to other people.

  10. You give up easily if you don’t see instant huge progress and you’re not sure what it would look like to create a new, small, consistent habit so that you can actually progress over time!

If this sounds familiar, I would love to help. Together we will set goals that are actually DOABLE for you and work with your schedule and learning style. No matter how hopeless it seems, there is always a solution... I promise!

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